Ghost in the Shell: First Assault Hacks, Aimbots and other Cheats

Is it possible to cheat in GitS First Assault?
Indeed cheating is just as possible in First Assault as it is in any other tacticaly shooter out there on the internet: Auto aiming software or ‘Aimbots’ allow you to automatically aim and shoot your gun, allowing you to get more kills, assists and therefore more scome, experience and GP at the end of the match, allowing you to level up quickly and unlock weapons, characters and mods more quickly. Wallhacks will allow you to see your enemies at all times through walls and even if they are using Motokos invisibility powerup. There are also some other very minor hacks and exploits, that may allow for recoil reduction, spread reduction and so on.

Is it legal to cheat and will my account get banned?
Cheating in video games and online shooters has always been legal everywhere in the world and that is certainly not about to change. Cheating in games is not something that will make you a lot of friends, but won’ get you persecuted. However, Nexon and Neople do have the right to ban any player from their game for any reason. – So it is recommended that if you should decide to use cheating programs on this game that you use software that is 100% undetected and kept up to date at all times. Anything less than that will get your account banned sooner or later.


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What is the best kind of Hack for Ghost in the Shell: First Assault?
Both ESP hacks and auto aiming programs are extremely powerful in First Assault. However, there are some very fundamental differences between the two: GitS First Assault Wallhacks are generally a lot cheaper than an aimbot and is a lot harder to manually spot of other players as well, which makes it the most secure kind of cheat, but it does not allow you to gain absolutely massive score, unless you are very good at aiming and tactical shooter gameplay in general. Aimbots on the other hand are more expensive to buy, but do all the aiming and shooting for you. However, unless you configure your auto aim to be smoother than it comes out of the box, a First Assaul Aimbots is fairly easy to spot and people will report you manually here and there, which can lead to your account being reviewed by a game moderator and maybe even banned. So try to keep all your stats natural and unimpressive (especially your accuracy) when using aimbots.

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When is it save and OK to use Cheating Software in Ghost in the Shell First Assault?
For moral reasons we do urge our members and people reading our content to never use any kind of cheating app to simply dominate other players and live out some kind of sick power fantasy. – Doing this will not only get boring for you pretty quickly, but it will also get your reported and banned quickly (thanks god). No one likes this kind of anti-social cheating and these people are giving cheating and shooter hacking a bad rep. Hacks should only be used in situations where teams are unbalanced and we all know this happens fairly often in GitS First Assault. So if people are spawn camping you and your team of newbies is up against some high level players, turn on your aimbot to defend your poor n00b teammates and you will get to cheat in a situation where it is morally justified and fun to do so.

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Are there any NX hacks, GP adders, weapon unlockers or level hacks?
No, sadly there is simply no way to get unlimited money (GP), NX or Health in the game. Anyone that is offering you any kind of currency hack or god mode or weapon unlockers, is trying to scam you into filling in some kind of survey or download malware. The problem about achieving this kind of manipulation of the game is that the core account data like your level, GP, and other progress data is stored on the Nexon servers and not on your device.